Lieberman – As Israel Deserves

An Arab woman who lives in the northern town of Tarshicha was not hired by an Israeli company because she is not Jewish. The express position of the local Supersol grocery store chain is they employ only Jews. Other citizens of the country? Not their problem. They won’t be hired.

If the case were reversed – say, a Jewish woman were not hired for an American store, whose owner employs only Christians – there would be a public outcry: Anti-Semitism! Everyone hates us! The nation would crumple up in its favorite posture of self-pity and bemoan its bitter fate.

One could expect, then, that an Israeli store showing a sign saying “entrance for Jews only” would be boycotted, that its name would be reviled, and that angry protestors would picket it around the clock. But no. That sort of thing would happen in America. In Israel the response was one of heated support. “Don’t give the Arabs salaries!” shouted one website response; “They’re right to have done that!” hollered another, in equally poor Hebrew.

No survey has been done on this to date, but other surveys demonstrate that most of the Jewish public abhors Israel’s Arab citizens and refuses to employ them, to live near them, and has generally internalized the Judeo-Nazi values of Kahane’s cohorts. When Baron De Rothschild rejected Herzl’s appeal for support of Zionism, this was exactly what he warned against: a Jewish state would bring into practical application the misanthropy embedded in Judaism, and its residents would soon harass the non-Jews.

Such a state swiftly loses its right to exist. This week another important step was taken, which further undermines this right.

The Mob Wants A Dictator

Avigdor Lieberman will presumably join the Israeli government in the near future. He so wants to be in the government that he will make do with only one portfolio. Rumors say that Yvette (as the Russian émigré is still called by his friends) will have a special portfolio put together for him: the Ministry of Strategic Threats. The man who has gone on the record with threats to bomb Teheran and the Egyptian Assuan dam with nuclear weapons – attacks that would lead to the death of millions of innocent Iranians and Egyptian farmers – will now man one of the most senior positions in the security system. What will that do to Israel’s position in the world, and especially in the Arab world? Strengthen it, perhaps?

But hey – we elected him. His party got eleven seats in the Knesset and surveys show that he is likely to get twenty seats in the next elections. More than 50% of surveyed Israeli Jews support his participation in the Government. What are his achievements/ Never mind, he threatens and talks tough.

His plan for a “presidential regime” is built not on the Jeffersonian model but on the Putinian one. In his model there would be no parliamentary supervision of the president, and his “cabinet of professionals” will not require authorization by the Knesset. Since the president will be the one who fills cabinet level positions, who can dispute his claim that his brother, for example, is worthy of being a minister? After all, it worked well for Cuba. Even in the United States of America we saw President Kennedy appointing his brother to the position of Attorney General. When the ministers are entirely subordinate to the president, when the collective accountability of the government disappears, when the parliament has no ability to influence government – who will stand between Avigdor Lieberman and his dream of waging eternal war?

Down the Roads Trodden By Rhodesia And South Africa

International acceptance of Israel’s existence stands at its very foundation. Israel is swiftly eroding the last vestiges of its legitimacy, and including Avigdor Lieberman in the government – not to mention, having his party win an election – would topple the last claim by Israel to being a democratic country.

The nationalists among us rely on the strength of the Israeli military. In this summer’s war we saw the true value of that strength: generals who stay away from the front, regiment commanders who hide behind plasma screens, soldiers forced to loot in order to survive after the collapse of the logistical system. And this was only a sample taste: the enemy was a militia, not an army.

The world has already seen racist countries who relied on their military might. There was Rhodesia, the white man’s country in the heart of Africa, which fought well for more than a decade and a half – the Rhodesian army was considered to be the best in the world, at the time. It was a very dirty war it fought against the dark-skinned majority. In 1976 President Ford decided that the existence of Rhodesia was getting in the way of his campaign – he lusted in vain after the African-American votes – and Rhodesia was forced to hold a plebiscite that included its brown residents. Three years later the country fell apart. It is called Zimbabwe today.

Rhodesia’s closest ally, South Africa, held on for another eighteen years. In 1994 it was forced to hold democratic elections, and the rule of Apartheid – which may be the best known word of Afrikaans derivation besides commando – ceased to exist. Rhodesia and South Africa, two close allies of Israel (sources outside of Israel claim that Israel held its nuclear testing programs in South Africa), ceased to exist, despite their superior military power, because they had no international legitimacy. That was not too long ago. South Africa even had nuclear weapons. They did not help it.

Israel relies on the power of the United States, but that power is close to the breaking point – the American military is close to collapse, and the Bush administration has left the United States entirely devoid of any moral capital. The cycles of American history would tend to indicate that following the Iraqi adventure, we will see a period of withdrawn separatism. Israel simply isn’t worth all that trouble; A non-democratic Israel even less so.

What a time to bring Lieberman into the government. What a time to turn Judeo-Nazism and its dictatorship into the aspect Israel shows the world. What a time to follow our African pathfinders into history’s slop pail. A society which elects Lieberman to be its leader, which makes racism its slogan and discrimination its life’s breath – such a society indeed has lost its right to exist.

(Note: this Nana News article was, obviously, written before Avigdor Libermann became minister – in 15 October 2006. Translation: Dena Bugel-Shunra).


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