It’s hunting season

Not enough Tel Avivians were killed in the Second Lebanon War. And Tel Avivians are surely also leftists, and all the leftists are gays and derelicts. Fuck the mother of all those shitty Tel Avivians gay leftists, sipping lattes in Shenkin St. while Jews are getting killed in Lebanon!!

During the Pride Parade, the gays showed up in order to defile the Eternal Capital of the People of Israel. And if they’re gays, then they’re surely Tel Avivians, hence also leftists and derelicts. Fuck the mother of all those gay leftist derelicts, these shits from Tel Aviv, with their filth. All the suicide attacks – it’s their fault!!1!

And then we found the derelicts, who simply must be leftist, hence also Tel Avivians and gays. Fuck the mother of all those shitty, treacherous derelict leftist Tel Avivian gays, who hate Jews and love the Arab enemy, I spit in your direction, traitors!!1!!!!1

And there’s also the Supreme Court, where everyone’s a leftist, so they simply have to be Tel Avivian gays, who didn’t do their military time. Like these gay artists, who are surely also Tel Avivians and leftists. Fuck the mother of all those leftists, Tel Avivian, gay elitist traitors, these judges and artists shits who collaborate with the Arab enemy and help them murder Jews!!!!!1!1!!!!1!

This is the target list, and hunting season is officially open; and anyone who isn’t enough of an ultra-nationalist, a jingoist and especially a man’s man, had better find himself a lair to dig in.

(Published today by MadMax, translated by Yossi Gurvitz)


5 responses to “It’s hunting season

  1. Wow, I am not sure what to say. What I can say is this however… You certainly reveal the issues of Israel in a way I have not seen before.

    And for that I say, Bravo.

  2. This one isn’t mine, it’s by a friend of mine (used with permission).

    In other, related news, a bill has been presented to the Knesset today, forbidding any official body from participating/funding any event in which a derelict participates. I don’t think there’ll be many KMs brave enough to vote against it.

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  4. Shalom – I knew it was not yours, but still I say bravo because you say what so many are afraid to even think, let alone speak.

  5. Oh, it hasn’t come to that yet… And when I’m no longer able to say what I think, that’s when I’ll know it’s time to bail.

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